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  • Step up School was established in 2002 with the goal of filling a need for quality teaching of English.
  • We offer an active language learning method, based on the command of spoken English..
  • A relevant part of the success of its model lies in the combination of two features:: interactive, individualized learning process with the use of computers (guided by a teacher) and face-to-face classes with at maximum of 6 students per group.
  • Teaching staff at Step-up School is made up of a group of well qualified native teachers who base their work on constant motivation and individualized attention.
  • Our language centre also has state-of-art technological equipmente available to enhance students’ interactive learning process through a careful selection of applications designed for the purpose.
  • Step up School’s excellent facilities combine efficiency and functionality and offer our students a comfortable and stimulating environment for language learning.
  • We also offer a great variety of courses as well as a flexible timetable to fit your needs.
  • Our ongoing success is a result of sustainable growth in the number of students we have received year after year.
  • We now deal with a great demand that goes beyond our capacity , and will therefore be looking forward to opening a new branch


Our work is based on four important tenets: team work, reliability, personalized courses, and a fluent communication with our students. Our main objective at Step Up School is to teach our students to speak and understand spoken English , because we believe this is what they will make the most use of.

To reach our goal, our language school has built a team of teachers with a variety of accents, from American to British. Our teachers are sociable, friendly, optimistic , versatile and talented people who practise team work and above all, appreciate students for their efforts and their willingness to learn.

In our team there are native British and American teachers. They have all the relevant academic studies and the required certifícates that enables them to teach English to all ages and levels: children, teenagers and adults.

As well as textbooks, teacher use other tools such as boardgames, interactive games, arts and crafts, songs, stories, flashcards, videos and ,above all, conversation. When a student has a conversation class, the teacher teaches him or her how to speak. 95% of the time teachers spend in class they speak English to their students, so that they gradually get used to hearing and therefore understanding spoken English.

Also, classes with only six students are a perfect way of studying English. The teacher can pay attention to each and every student, and all of them will be able to answer and speak in English. In a class with only six students, teachers have a better chance to teach English because students will assimilate information faster and easier than in a class with fifteen or twenty students .
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